Ventrader has the Best in Merchandising Units

Build your business with better snack machines – we offer food vending machines for sale from leading US manufacturers USI and AMS, backed by a two year warranty with service Australia-wide.

Choose from standard food vending or combo vending machine units, with tray configuration tailored to suit your product mix. We have snack machines available that are insulated, refrigerated and even operate at freezer temperatures.

For more information on new and used vending machines for sale, contact us today.

Pick and Mix Your Merchandise Selection

Once you have selected a location and product mix, discuss your requirements with us. Choose from a range of models that offer features including:

  • Energy-saving features .
  • Credit card readers.
  • Additional gum and mint trays
  • LED lighting
  • Braille keypads
  • Automatic delivery boxes
  • LCD interfaces

Our newest food vending systems are easier to use and more attractive to users, with diverse configurations allowing an even more appealing product mix. You can even customise the exterior of your model with eye-catching graphics and banners for high visibility.

Newer features, such as automatic door openers for easy product retrieval, credit card readers and sensors to ensure product delivery make purchasing on the run even simpler and more enticing than before.

We have larger makes available for wider product ranges or higher stock levels, as well as compact options for smaller spaces or markets.

Back Up When You Need It

Not only are our food and combo machines of the highest quality, we provide service and support Australia-wide. With an extensive range of spare parts always in stock, our technicians can provide rapid repair and maintenance on both non-insulated and refrigerated models.

Better quality manufacturing and rapid servicing reduce the unforeseen costs and hassles to operators, large and small alike.

Contact us today to find out more about our new and used vending solutions.