More than just PPE vending machines, Safety Stations are revolutionary inventory control systems. Monitoring safety equipment usage allows significant cost savings, better inventory management, and significantly increases OH&S compliance.

Cost Saving Solutions

With a Safety Station vending solution, you have the ability to reduce costs by 30 per cent for each worksite. Along with reducing theft and wastage, you can:

  • Control who has access to PPE vending machines
  • Monitor usage by employees and contractors for increased accountability
  • Restrict access to certain items for those who won’t need them
  • Identify departments/users with high usage rates
  • Reduce the cost of counting, storage, disposal and handling of safety equipment
  • Reassign crib attendants to more productive work
  • Locate machines in convenient spots to save time spent travelling and waiting to get equipment, creating more productive work environments

Real Time Inventory Management

Through wireless inventory control system technology, data can be collected and collated in real time. As a complete vending solution, data from all card readers – both on machines and inventory lockers can be collated and monitored, allowing you to:

  • Move to demand-based ordering
  • Get a better understanding of costs
  • Reduce obsolete inventory
  • Access real-time stock counts
  • Identify items held by each user in the system

With our interactive, dynamic inventory management systems, you can even set alerts when stock items reach re-order levels. Alert levels can be set for each selection. When the selection reaches the alarm level an email or sms can be sent to the nominated person to notify them to fill the selection as it is a risk of running out of stock.

Meeting OH&S Compliance

Our safety equipment vending solutions have been shown to significantly increase compliance to OH&S regulations. Users have 24/7 access to safety equipment through these PPE vending machines, ensuring that:

  • PPE can be sourced immediately as needed
  • Follow-up investigations can be conducted easily, with ready access to usage records
  • Workplaces exhibit improved compliance through greater accountability
  • Lost time due to accidents is reduced

For more information on customised PPE vending solutions for your worksite, contact Safety Stations today.