Do you know what your shrink is? Most facilities are experiencing shrink from 33%-42%!

Are you addressing home laundered scrubs? The practice may be leaving gaps in your infection control.

Reduce shrink, save wash cycles and manage laundry issues with ScrubTrak™

Using advanced inventory software and a cloud-based tracking system, ScrubTrak helps medical facilities efficiently manage their scrub supply and ensures doctors, nurses and techs always have scrubs available when they’re needed.

Personnel enter a pin number or swipe their employee ID card to access scrubs, and use the same procedure to return them. This simple, rapid procedure eliminates hoarding, shortages and unauthorized use.

Product Description


iQ Software features Complete transaction security Web-based interface for efficient management Mobile tracking and alerts Bilingual communication available Custom software available
Development Sturdy steel construction with secure deposit technology
Technology Proven dispensing technology
Scrub Sets Receives up to 100 scrub sets between unloads
Panels Removable panels for easy cleaning
Footprint Small footprint, so it fits practically anywhere
Scrub Trak Services Worldwide service entities for repair or maintenance


  • The advanced inventory management system at the heart of ScrubTrak is key to its impressive performance. Using a web-based interface, managers can control warehouse pick lists and pre-kitting, employ dynamic routing, set up custom alerts and much more. The result is a scrub dispensing system that makes your staff happy, radically reduces inventory shrinkage, and saves you money.