IDS Will Call Locker System

IDS Will Call Locker System

IDS Locker Will Call System is the answer to a simple desire of many businesses:

We want to enhance ourservice by providing products on site when our employees need them.

This smart, practical solution from IDS lets you stock inventory of products on site ready for your employees to pick up 24/7.

Product Description


Product Specifications
Height 72″ (183 cm)
Unit Types 11 Door Host, 12 Door Satellite, 3 Door Satellite
Depth 24″ (60.96 cm)
Weight 357 lbs
iQ Software features Complete transaction security Web-based interface for efficient management Mobile tracking and alerts Bilingual communication available Custom software available
Construction Sturdy, steel construction
Security Multiple interface choices including Bar Code, PIN code, Mag Stripe and PROX Card
Packages and Configurations Custom graphic packages and configurations
Services Worldwide service entities for repair or maintenance


  • This system can be set up as a standalone unit, or tied to another set of lockers giving ultimate flexibility in product readiness.
  • What can intelligent dispensing do for you?
  • Clear or solid door options
  • Secure dispensing
  • Smart refill procedure
  • Wide user interface options
  • Sturdy, steel construction