IDS Locker System

IDS Locker System

IDS Locker System is the answer to a simple desire of many businesses: We want to vend oversized items.

It proves there are no limits to intelligent dispensing. Now everything from basketballs to umbrellas can be dispensed and displayed with this smart, practical solution from IDS.

IDS Locker System can be set up as a standalone unit, or tied to another machine. It gives businesses the ability to place product where it can have the maximum sales impact.

You can put it in a mall, an airport, in your own store—anywhere that receives significant foot traffic.

Product Description


Std. Features Complete transaction security, Web-based interface for efficient management, Mobile tracking and alerts, Guaranteed delivery verification sensors, Bilingual communication available, Custom software available
Capacity Increased capacity for oversized items
Construction Sturdy, steel construction
Choices Multiple monetary device choices
Packages and Configurations Custom graphic packages and configurations
Services Worldwide service entities for repair or maintenance
Live Assistance Optional help button for live product assistance


  • What can intelligent dispensing do for you?
  • Clear doors for product display
  • Secure dispensing
  • Smart refill procedure
  • Customizable graphics and configuration
  • Sturdy, steel construction