Summit 300 Can/Bottle Vendor

Summit 300 Can/Bottle Vendor

Space is always an issue, especially when it comes to your vending locations. The Summit CB300 cold drink vending machine provides the key to reducing your vending footprint and increasing selection and satisfaction.

Six selections allow you to mix and match bottles and cans to meet your customer and employee needs. The ability to vend 144 bottles, 312 cans or a combination of both bottles and cans gives you the versatility to serve your customers and employees the beverages they most desire including bottled water, sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks and juices.

Product Description


Product Specifications
Height 68″ (174 cm) Optional 100mm legs)
Width 21″ (53 cm)
Depth 33 1/2″ (85 cm)
Shipping Weight 508 Lbs. (230.4 kg)
Electrical Services 240 VAC, 3.75 Amps
Selections 6 Items
Bottles Capacity 20 oz (591 ml) – 144 24 oz (710 ml) – 144 (Depending on Diameter)
Can Capacity 12 oz (355 ml) – 312
Pricing Individual from $0 to $999.95
Money Acceptance MDB coin acceptor; MDB $1, $5, $10 & $20 bill acceptor
Refrigeration 1/3 HP (240 VAC); R134a Refrigerant; Closed System


  • Vends 375ml cans, 250 ml cans (with optional kit)and 600ml plastic bottles
  • Easy loading product stacks with convenient case support rack
  • Illuminated product display enhances impulse sales
  • Drop sensor guarantees product or money back
  • Back lighted graphic display
  • Environmentally safe R134a refrigerant
  • Optional 100mm legs
  • Sturdy steel construction with durable powder coat painted surfaces for years of service
  • Manufactured in USA