Step Cigarette Machines

Step Cigarette Machines

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This cutting edge design has a elegant and attractive glass and stainless steel front. This machine has also the best anti-fraud technology on the market, optional reader for notes, cards etc. Manufactured using plastic materials, characterized by a low percentage of contaminating substances. Please Click on our Brochure below to view our wide range of models available


Wide Range of Models

Capacity Step 41 Step 61 Step 61 Step 74 Step 74 Step 87
  Double Double Triple Double Triple Double
Selections/Channels 21/15 32/21 32/23 40/29 40/31 48/39
Channels(full, medium, short) 1/14/0 3/18/0 13/10/0 3/26/0 17/14/0 21/18/0
Pack Capacity 292 444 700 588 93 1164
Coin Mechanism Coin Mechanism MDB Hoppers Hoppers Hoppers Hoppers Hoppers












Accessories/Kits for all models

  • Banknote Reader
  • Digital Prices
  • Voice Synthesiser
  • Cashbox with Key
  • Label holder with key
  • GPRS modem
  • Infrared (IRDA)


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